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Matt Goolsby

Lead Vocals / Lead Guitar
Equipment: Gibson ES335, Takamine Acoustic, Fender Blues Junior


Playing and singing since 1965

Favorite Quote: Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. - Elmer Fudd

Randy Stoltz

Rhythm Guitar / Vocals
Equipment: Taylor 914 and Acoustic Amp


Playing since: As long as we've known him! 

Favorite Quote: It's time to go whale watching!

Sarah Page

Lead Vocals

Playing and singing for a long time... No one wants to ask how long!

Kevin Shinn


Playing since: We're not sure, but it's been quite a while!

Rick Anderson

Drums & Vocals
Equipment: Pearl  Drum-set

Playing since: Does anyone really know?!

Favorite Quote:I love my wife!

LuAnn Anderson

Equipment: Yamaha

Playing since: As long as we've known her!

Favorite Quote: Just like on TV!

Bassist/Guitarist/Sound Guy/Vocals
Equipment:  Paul Reed Smith (PRS), Taylor Solidbody Electric, Taylor 426, Warwick Rockbass 5-String, Blackstar Amplification


Playing since: Since '81

Favorite Quote: You get what you give.......

Brittany Myers

Lead & Backing Vocals

Playing and singing since: Not sure how long, but we're glad her Dad brought her on board with us! She loves her car 'Charlie'. 

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