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Space to Work: Setting Up Your Own Recording Studio

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Today, we have the pleasure of sharing an article by Katie Conroy.

Image by Pexels

If you’re a recording artist and you need studio space, it can sometimes be worth adapting one of your existing rooms. With the right strategies, a kitchen, living room, or bedroom can be converted into the perfect space for recording music.


The first step toward creating a home studio is to intelligently arrange furniture and decorate in a way that allows you to move about more freely.

● The first step is to declutter as much as possible. It’s sometimes worth selling a few key items online to allow for more body movement.

● If you don’t have a spare room, it’s sometimes necessary to partition one of your in-use rooms. You can do this using shelves, bookcases, desks, or a screen.

● Make sure that you put down a grip mat or soft material to protect both your floor from speaker cabinets and drum feet.


A few select purchases can transform a performing space in the house.

● Lighting is a key component of any functional studio. Try to free up daylight by moving furniture away from windows and investing in lamps with soft bulbs.

A few solid microphones are necessary to capture the nuances of each performance.

● Sometimes performers work well when they have incense or aromas in their studio space.

● Performing and electronics generate a lot of heat. Spend some time searching for AC repair in your area to make sure your AC system is working properly.


Sometimes you need to take more drastic action to adapt your property for performance purposes.

● Explore your soundproofing options before committing to a larger remodel.

Knocking down walls is easy and often opens up any congested areas to afford you more floor space.

● A garage conversion is often the perfect solution for an artist in need of more room to work.

A functional recording space is necessary for any working or aspiring musician. Use these tips to get started with your own space at home today!

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