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Helping Those in need with GCR

This past weekend we were very fortunate and blessed to be able to attend an event in Laguna Beach, California for those who are being persecuted around the world for their faith.

The Ocean view at the Montage in Laguna Beach
View of the Ocean at the Montage in Laguna Beach

While it may seem extravagant to stay at such a place as this while many around the world languish in extremely difficult circumstances, Global Christian Relief chose this location since it's so close to their World Headquarters and is so easily accessible to many from different countries who visit. This event included representatives from China, India, Yemen, Turkey and others.

As we read horrific news stories of natural disasters, persecution, genocide and famine, we're confronted with a stark reality: Do we stand idly by or do we get involved in helping?

My wife and I chose to travel to this central location to hear firsthand the stories that have so captivated our hearts. The heartbreak that goes hand-in-hand with so many nations who oppress their people for no other reason than illicit power is a driving force of GCR and their relief work.

While the United States hasn't had to experience the fear of awaiting the Secret Police knocking on the door or having been ostracized by one's family just because of a difference of belief, it could be coming here as well. We need to stand arm-in-arm with our Christian Brothers and Sisters to ensure that they know someone cares about them and is willing to stand with them in their struggles and support their cause in their hour of need.

This article discusses what Christian persecution is and how to know what to do to help: What is Christian Persecution? - Global Christian Relief.

One added benefit of going to this event was being able to hear and meet the brothers Scott and Joel Owens of Pawnshop Kings.

The Pawnshop Kings performing at GCR's event at the Montage Laguna Beach
The Pawnshop Kings performing for GCR's President's Circle Event

Their music is a combination of influences from Southern California, Texas, and Nashville with an added dose of Mussel Shoals. You can get an idea of what they sound like at this URL on YouTube:

I'd also like to say that we met some very fine GCR staff, partners and other people amidst the laughter and tears we shared.

It was a wonderful experience and I'll repeat the title of the Pawnshop Kings song from 10 years ago: I want to love like Jesus!


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