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Slam the Scam!

This year the Social Security Administration is deeming Thursday, March 7th as 'Slam the Scam' day.

Scams affect many people with trauma, stress, and loss of money that are both unjust and unnecessary. Having been inflicted with identity theft recently, I know firsthand the difficulty of navigating through it for a hopefully positive conclusion.

That's why I'm issuing this out as a Public Service Announcement and hoping that anyone reading this will share it with someone who needs assistance.

Anyone can be a victim of scams or identity theft and it's rampant online. This SSA guide has good tips and applies to more than just scams through SSA.

Slam the Scam
Download PDF • 953KB

If you or someone you know wants to learn more, check out the following webpage:

Thank you and be safe out there!


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